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Supremely accurate 3D scanners

Our video demonstration...

Features we are proud of...

Ease Of Use

1 click calibration

Fully automatic calibration that takes 4 minutes to complete.

1 click scanning


Allows you to position the scanner across the room, keeping your immediate desk space clear.

Gripping holders

The tack pad secures larger objects quickly.
The mini-vice holds small objects with minimal blocking.  The jaws are made of plastic so you can scan it, not scratch it.


8 MP cameras x 2

It is the highest resolution scanner we know of.
Scan repeatability is as low as 4 micrometres.

Full colour scanning

Add view

This feature forces the scanner to look into the crevices of your object to get the most complete scan possible.


Highly competitive pricing.
We started on a crusade against over priced medical technology.

Full specifications:

The Tupel 3D scanner converts physical objects into 3D CAD files.

Scan Volume (Cylindrical):
120mm diameter x 75mm tall (standard).
       •40mm diameter x 40mm tall (super resolution).
Scan repeatability (with ideal conditions):
        ± 12 µm (standard).
        ± 4 µm (super resolution).
Mesh density: adjustable from 25µm to 150µm
Operating temperature: 20⁰C ± 5 ⁰C
Scan Time (typical)
1 min 30 sec typical (standard).
6 min typical (super resolution).
Note: scan times can increase depending on the complexity of the object and the number of scan angles taken.
Hardware Features
2 axis rotation stage.
Structured light projection with 2 x 8MP cameras.
Dimensions (l w h): 24.6 x 25.8 x 22.5 cm (approx. 10” x 10” x 9”)
Weight (scanner only): <3.5 kg
Storage temperature: 5 ⁰C to 60 ⁰C
Operational in ambient lighting up to 1500 lux. 

Software Control
1 click calibration.
1 click scanning.
Preset or customisable scan angles.
Output formats: PLY, OBJ (colour), and STL.
Optional shadow filling by adding extra scans from any viewpoint.
Automatic mesh cleaning, hole filling, compression, and floating noise removal.
Minimum PC Requirements
Windows 10
8 GB RAM (16 GB may be required for full 40mm x40mm super resolution scanning).
1280x720 screen.
Supports OpenGL 3.1
Note: Mac with “Windows Parallels” is not sufficient.
Connectivity and
Power Supply
•USB 2.0, USB 3.0, or Wi-Fi Data Transfer.
Input Voltage: AC 110V – 240V, 50/60Hz, converted to 5V 10A.
AC Adapter supplied with a UK, EU, US, or AU power cord, depending on your location.
Power consumption: 25W typical.

Extra reasons to buy:

Customer support via video, text or email.
If you are not happy with the scanner within 30 days, we will refund all but the postage.
Its a well tested product made to ISO 13485, and registered with the American FDA (because its ancestor is a medical device).

Instructional videos:

Unboxing and setup

How to Scan and Crop

How to compare parts with their CAD

Scanning ring impression pots

New software features

How to create '360' scans

How to 3D print from a scan

About the Tupel 3D Dental Scanner

Our dental scanner is specifically designed for dentists, it has:
- Dedicated dental software to:
-- Record patient information,
-- Scan models, impressions, and dentures.
-- Powerful alignment algorithms to align upper and lower models.
-- Scan, align and crop all from one software package.
- Dental holders designed for models, impressions, dies and dentures.
- Its a FDA registered medical device, so you can use it for your patients with confidence.
- The Tupel 3D Dental scanner can be used with the Tupel 3D general purpose scanning software, so it can do all the things the Tupel 3D scanner can do.

See our Dental Scanner scan and align stone models.

Watch a denture being scanned

See an impression being scanned

Software Downloads

To find out what's new, or to get firmware updates, please look at our release notes. Last updated 17th May 2022.

Our latest beta versions:

Will it do what you need it to?

Ask us! If we don't know, we could scan it for you to find out. Here are some example scans...

About the design:

In the press:

Tupel 3D scanners are designed and manufactured in Oxford, England by Tupel Ltd.

"The Tupel 3D Scanner Will Break Financial Barriers",, 31st Aug 2021

"Tupel3D: Desktop 3D scanner",, 1st Sept 2021

"Tupel 3D Adds Powerful, Low Cost Dental 3D Scanner",, 23rd Sept 2021

"Tupel3D affordable, high precision desktop 3D scanner hits Kickstarter",, 6th Sept 2021

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